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"We looked at several apartments in the downtown area, and for the money, Confluence had the best amenities and living space. The three things I love the most about our living unit is a beautiful kitchen, tons of natural light, and spacious closets. Our friends are amazed at all of the amenities and can't wait to spend time with us on the rooftop deck overlooking downtown. I also want to give a shout-out to the terrific management. They are available to answer every question I have, and the property is well-maintained. I could encourage anyone who is looking at apartments to tour Confluence on 3rd."
Carla P.

"The staff is great, helpful, and takes the time to answer your questions. My family looked at several units over a one-week period, and the staff at Confluence was accommodating, pleasant, and professional. The community spaces and units are clean, fresh, and new. It's clear the staff care deeply about their tenants and community - would recommend to anyone!"
Dane H.

"I thought about living downtown for a long time. I had looked at downtown properties for years off and on, including Confluence about six months before I moved in. When I decided to make the move, Confluence came out on top. Residents here are so friendly and welcoming. The location is fantastic. I've lived here for over a year now, and I just signed a new lease. I can't give any stronger 'thumbs-up' than that."
Perry B.

"I recently moved into Confluence on 3rd. The assistance and cooperation provided by the management team was exceptional. They answered questions promptly and completely. They made my move from out-of-state smooth and easy."
- Bud

"I've lived here for two months and LOVE IT! Perfect location, amazing amenities, and the greatest staff! The management team has been helpful at every turn, and they are still helpful and friendly every time I engage with them. I highly recommend this property and its staff."
Jeremy L.

"We looked at two other apartments before stopping here. Within the first 5 minutes, the question changed from, 'Do we want to live here?' to 'Which apartment do we want?' This place has everything - it's clean, pet-friendly, fun, and has the best step! I've never been anywhere where I've gotten the level of service I've received from the management team. We couldn't be happer we found this place!"
Genevieve W.

"From the minute I walked into the building for my tour, I was treated with great care and courtesy. It was hands-down the best apartment out of all the ones that I looked at -- both the most cost-effective and the nicest place to live. Confluence on 3rd meets and exceeds any expectations you might have of a top-rated apartment complex. From amenities, to the staff, to the other residents, it's overall an awesome place to live, and I would suggest it to anyone."
Joseph Z.

"The whole management team truly helped me to get exactly what I was looking for! They worked with my roommate and me on all pricing, parking, and move-in specials in a very timely manner, and they were very quick to respond when I had questions! I would highly recommend this complex because the leasing team ROCKS and will help make this the best place to live!"
Brynn H.

"I was searching for an apartment for months in the Des Moines area but felt I was constantly coming up short by either sacrificing an amenity or surpassing my ideal budget; however, the prices at Confluence on 3rd are unbeatable for a downtown location, the views are amazing, the grocery store is a three-minute walk away, and the staff here works so hard to accommodate you. What I really love about this place is that what you see is what you get. No hidden fees, no 'Uh-oh, I didn't know about that' moments, and the communication from the stafff is transparent from the beginning. I am so pleased with my decision."
Mitti H.